The real pleasure is to be driven

Your private driver in Martinique is the best way to enjoy the island and to taste all its assets

Why your own driver ? 

The island of Martinique is full of hidden treasures, however to appreciate it is better to stay on the passenger side. Indeed, the rum, the pleasures of the table, the hikes, the landscapes are breathtaking.


Driving in Martinique is easy and generally enjoyable. Parking spaces when they are often stormed around the most beautiful spots. You must often put your vehicle in danger to enjoy.


The solution of the private driver allows you to avoid all the inconveniences of parking, search of place, loss of time. You have a local man who will drive you in all serenity and comfort.


Plus enjoy benefits like onboard wifi and sweets to enjoy this magnificent experience.


In summary, visit Martinique in another way, full of vitality of serenity and especially in safety.



Your driver is at your disposal according to your needs. You can book it for a morning, a day, a night or your entire stay.


According to your desires and your budget, think about letting go by letting us take care of you.



The real luxury is to be driven on vacation

Ask for a rate is cheaper than you think

A day, half day, night, we have the offer adapted to your needs!